QUAN JUN DA GROUP CO., LTD, headquartered in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, the heart of the economic zone west of Taiwan straits, is a comprehensive enterprise with group management.



On June 17, 2022, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation framework agreement between Ganneng Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Gan Neng Gu Fen) and Quanjunda Industrial Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Quan Jun Da) was successfully held in the Conference room of Quan Jun Da



On March 17th, the opening ceremony of major projects in the first quarter of 2022 in Luntai County was successfully held.County party secretary guo-qiang liu made a speech at the ceremony and announced the project starts, the county, deputy secretary of the county magistrate, chaired the ceremony, the county, deputy secretary, deputy county magistrate Yuan Jie in the first quarter of 2022 major projects open to return to work and site project, made a speech at the ceremony, the county party committee county government leaders at all levels attended the commencement ceremony.



On February 26,2022, Xinjiang Hami CPPCC, vice chairman Yang Ruifang, izhou district yong-ming tao, Hami commerce bureau investment section chief Kang Wenxiong, Hami high-tech zone investment project department cadres Wang Futang of Hami new energy equipment manufacturing investment team visited our research, our vice chairman Li Aixing, general manager li zongming accompanied by company leaders, and held a report symposium.



On December 21, the "2021 China imported coal summit" hosted by China Coal Industry Association and China coal transportation and marketing association was held in Beijing.



​On December 23,2021 in the afternoon, the county party committee secretary, Luntai industrial park party committee secretary guo-qiang liu, deputy secretary, deputy county magistrate Yuan Jie, county party committee, county, county finance bureau, Luntai industrial park by development bureau leadership to bazhou east Chen industry and trade co., LTD., to guide the work, chairman Li Aixing, deputy general manager PeiHanTao accompanied all.